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Two attackers arrested.. Master Mind of this attack not arrested yet??


Two persons came to assault Mr.Gamage Had arrested today morning by Negombo Police. They produced before court and identification parade will held on June 14.

Two attackers are Agganage Kushan Krismal (28) and Agganage Supun Ranga Fernando (22) who are brothers. ” we planned this attack to take revenge from him on an article he had published about us” said to attackers and  Police had informed it to Mr.Gamage. Mr.Gamage replied and said that such a article provoking them for a brutal attack was not published in his web about them.

So now we are sure that the two suspects did an order from Deputy Mayor Dayan Lanza. According to details that we have now, there are 16 phone calls between Lanza and Kushan and Police already have full details about those calls. And the main attacker Kushan, who is a worker of Municipal Council was onduty (6 – 2) on the day of the attack and he came for the attack after marking his attendance.

Dayan Lanza – Master Mind of the attack

We must appreciate about Police for taking them into custody within 48 hours,which was not happened in the era of Rajapaksha Regim.

Though Police have enough evidences to arrest “Master Mind” of this attack they remain silent, It was expected in Rajapaksha era.But according to policies of Good Governance this kind of silence is not acceptable.



Motor bike ,atackers came by
Motor bike ,attackers came by


Wooden pole used for attack
Wooden pole used for attack

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